Student-Produced Films

The Mission of International Cinema Education is to teach high school students about the world by using foreign films as a vehicle. We also strive to teach students about Global Affairs and prepare them for the global marketplace.

One of our programs (all our programs are free) is to encourage students to understand the principles of the United Nations. Human rights, children issues, peace, etc are all topics that we feel students should respect. One of the ways to understand them, is to think about the issues first. This is why we offer a contest of "Student-Produced Films, with the categories of: photo essays; PSAs of 30 and 60 seconds; short documentaries (1-15 minutes) about United Nations principles; and Indigenous themes – PSA's and/or short documentaries.

We have asked our students to prepare such filmmaking endeavors during the summer. The winners will be announced in front of an event we will hold on October 26, 2011, Wednesday, 6-8:00 pm at the Tolerance Center Museum, 226 East 42 Street.
We will screen students' films at this event and present prizes.

Initial Discussion of ICE Photography Component

The photography component of I.C.E.'s offering will empower students from New York City's public schools with the skill of photography and endow them with tools to enhance self-expression and visual literacy.

The photography component will do so through seminars coordinated with the schools the students attend. The seminars will be a series of no more than six interactive workshops where students will learn the fundamentals of technical photography through fun and engaging sessions. The students will also use photography to perform social critique of their communities and surroundings.

The photography component will provide I.C.E.'s student base the opportunity to further their education and literacy. The program will impart practical photography skills and will promote the arts amongst New York City's. The photos relate to United Nations themes and are enhanced by an accompanying essay about the photo and subject.



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